City Sightseeing Trieste

Hop on – Hop off…. to visit the most beautiful places in Trieste…..

Located at the head of the Gulf of Trieste on the Adriatic Sea, Trieste is a peculiar city. A combination of geographical and historical factors made Trieste a city unique in its kind and a fascinating place to visit. City Sightseeing© bus tours is excited to help you discover its beauty.
Our City Sightseeing© tour starts from the seaside near Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, which faces the Adriatic Sea and is one of the largest squares in Europe. Then you will admire the Roman “Tergestum” with the remains of its ancient theatre and the Castello di San Giusto. Along the journey the bus will be driving mostly along the coast and will reach the wonderful Castello di Miramare, one of the symbols of Trieste and whose history is linked to the lives of Archduke Maximilian of Austria and Princess Charlotte of Belgium. In the centre you can visit a number of 19th century mansions such as Villa Sartorio and Palazzo Revoltella showing the artistic, economic and cultural splendour of the city during this century. The multi-cultural and multi-religious aspects of Trieste (almost every existing religion is represented) can be easily read from a vast variety of churches and temples in the centre. In the city centre you will also visit the famous historic cafés, where the intellectuals used to meet during the years of the Italian Irredentist Movement (a movement in the late 19th century and early 20th century that were aimed at the unification of all ethnically Italian peoples), which successfully joined Trieste – which was an Austrian territory – with the rest of Italy. The most spectacular event of the year is “La Barcolana”, the world’s most popular regatta because it has the highest number of participants. Every year, on the second Sunday of October, more than 2,000 racing boats with their coloured sails peacefully invade the Sea of Trieste. This unusual and picturesque scene can be seen on board our open-top bus and our passengers will enjoy an unforgettable experience. We are waiting for you in Trieste!